May 01, 2016


Love what you Do!

We love leather. The sweet earthy smell that warms our studio, the grainy texture that lies so softly in our hands, those darling imperfections that quietly tell us their stories - we love leather fully and deeply, infusing our love into our creations. 

We make things simple and cozy, bringing the natural beauty of the textures to light thanks to the clean lines of our designs. But don't be deceived by our minimalist looks - our bags are made to live the life at its fullest, so hidden in the simple shapes is the best possible functionality, be it the power of organizing things neatly and keeping them safely or the magic of converting seamlessly from day to evening accessory. 

All we do is inspired by a lifestyle. We believe in living an authentic, bright, adventurous life with a less is more philosophy. We believe in lifetime quality and long-term relationships. We believe in sharing our love and craftsmanship for the sake of a better world. We welcome you to our world, the world of ERA81.