We are a small San Francisco-based family business catching eyes with the timeless elegance of our leather bags and accessories. We nourish simplicity and usability in our designs. Mix stunning textures, subtle geometry of shapes, supreme functionality and warm loving craftsmanship infused with patience and attention to detail – and that is how our bags are born.

We have created a full line of leather products for urban professionals starting from small accessories like key holders and wallets up to large travel bags and laptop briefcases. Casual, seductive, luxurious and yet looking impeccably professional and perfectly work-appropriate, our bags are loyal companions for the daily life. For leisure time, in professional life or at an elegant event, our bags are always a fit and a perfect form to emphasize your personality in a understated, quietly classy way.

Thanks to the support of our amazing customers, we were at the point where we no longer can keep up with the demand. Some of you may have experienced how long our current restocks take and how far and between they were. We were determined to continue to create quality products at affordable prices, but we were overworked and burned out. Most of our designs are labor-intensive and require hours of qualified work. This is the one highest contribution to the price of a product. After months of calculations, we realized we would not be able to grow without changing our current business model. Thus, we have decided to partner with a larger leather workshop based in India that not only will allow us to bring your favorite designs to you more often and in a timely manner, but also keep the prices affordable (while ensuring fair living wages and great working conditions to the workshop artisans).

We have personally visited the workshop in India to establish a long-term mutually beneficial relationship; checked making processes and equipment; and tested the skills of their artisans to ensure that the quality of our products will remain the same (actually, it’s going to improve, tbh!). Bringing our and their knowledge (and state-of-the-art machinery that they own) together, we have already figured out exciting new ways to improve our designs.

Meanwhile, our San Francisco studio will shift focus from making to designing and testing new patterns (we have tons of awesome ideas that we had never gotten time to work on!), researching and testing new materials for our bags (more colors and leathers are on our list!), and improving our current crowd-favorite designs. We will continue to offer personalization and will extend our personalization options to include more fonts, sizes, colors, and symbols. We will still ship all products from San Francisco (so the shipping time will remain the same) after conducting rigorous quality inspection of each product that we receive from the workshop and provide on-going after-purchase support to our customers. We are really excited about taking this next step in bringing more designs to life and sharing them with more people, and we rely on your support in doing so!