We condition all products before they leave our studio. If your product gets extensive use and/or is often in the sun/heat, please condition it once in 2-3 months. Rub it lightly with a piece of cotton fabric after applying the conditioner to remove excess moisture. For normal use, please condition your product 1-2 times a year. 

We recommend Weiman Leather Wipes for quick cleaning and conditioning (one wipe is enough for a large product; please wring it out very well before using on the product) and Leather Rescue Leather Cleaner and Conditioner for deep leather restoration. They will darken the leather for a while after conditioning, but the color will get back to normal shortly after.

We highly recommend avoiding any exposure to liquids. We realize that it may not always be possible, so you may want to use a repellent spray for protection from emergencies. We recommend Apple Brand Garde Rain and Stain Repellent because it doesn't change the color of the leather. Please note that it will make our leather look shinier than usual. If the product gets water stains, do not rub them! Let the bag or accessory air dry for a day or two in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight, then apply a conditioner. 

Always test care products (especially if you are using alternatives to our recommended brands) on a small piece of leather before applying it to the whole product. If you need any help with the care routine, please don't hesitate to reach out to